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About me

My name is Gabrielle Maerov

I am a Toronto-based artist with a love of playing with different forms of artisic media purely for the sheer joy of creating and expressing myself through my work. I work with several different media, including jewelry and wirework, painting and mixed media. Not only am I an avid visual artist, but I am also a composer, songwriter and poet.

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I have always loved finding new and unexpected ways to use whatever conventional art materials I have at hand. I especially take delight in transforming unconventional and recycled materials into works of art. 

I have been creating art for as long as I can remember. I grew up using whatever I could find at hand to incorporate into my art projects. I would carefully examine my recycling bin each week and put aside materials to be employed in future artistic endeavours — anything ranging from empty egg cartons, juice boxes, styrofoam fruit packaging and bottle caps. When I was in highschool, I decided to take my love of using recycled materials to the next level, developing a line of jewelry that featured reused and recycled materials as its central theme. 

I began experimenting with jewelry early in my life. It all began when I came across a piece of metallic burgundy wire as a child. As I twisted it in different directions, testing its strength and the varying forms in which it could bend, I realized with delight the potential for new art projects that a simple piece of wire presented. As I grew up, I experimented with wire more and more, developing new techniques and my own artistic style.


In my painting and mixed media pieces, I often draw inspiration from the beauty of natural landscapes. I employ the use of rich and vivid colours in my work to convey the richness of imagery and depth of emotion that nature sparks within me. I use a combination of paint and ink to achieve a stained glass-like effect in my landscape pieces. I feel that this effect allows me to express the the sense of wonder that I feel when I spend time in nature. Stained glass plays the remarkable role of presenting images in way that captures a simultaneously quiet and powerful beauty.

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